Hope For A Brave Soul

So a couple of weeks ago I was in Las Vegas for a work convention - really I and my colleague are the geeks who actually attend the convention rather than sit at pool or gamble. Anyway after the seminar we went to Nordstorms to look for a "mother of the bride" dress as my daughter is getting married in August of 2016.
I found a dress I could not pass up and being the bargain hunter I am need an additional item to bring my total bill up to receive some Nordstorm points. The clerk suggested I look in the jewelry department. I have to say here I am pretty simple when it comes to accessorizing. I came upon the "key" necklaces and thought - hey I like inspirational gifts - I will purchase this and was sure I would find the right person to gift it to. So I purchased the key with the word "hope" inscribed.
Well that person was one of my dearest friends Teri. She is one of the most amazing people I know here on this earth. Not only has she have a love of the earth, she recycles, plants and eats organic food and lives a health lifestyle that puts most to shame. How she and her husband continue life on this earth is beyond me - they have survived the death of two of their children- both of these on separate occasions. Just when you think a family has experienced their fill of tragedy - Teri was diagnosed with ALS. Luckily she does not at this time suffer from gross motor skills dysfunction - she has a much rarer type that effects her speech and respiratory system. I visited her this past weekend and it was such a God moment. She was genuinely pleased when I placed the necklace around her neck. Thank you for allowing this moment to happen. ALS has adopted the word "Hope" to represent "Hope" for the future. This is my prayer and dream, that all will continue to pray and support those brave souls as they continue the battle.