Far Too Much

Near my 16th birthday, I found out I had clinical depression and anxiety. With this knowledge, medications continually changed and I soldiered on. It was never easy, but I was able to bear it - at least until I was 19.

At that point I thought my life was over. I was continuing my education at Utah State University and I had few friends, my boyfriend had recently moved away and my depression was overwhelming. I debated suicide multiple times. Thankfully, I never acted upon it.

Being mentally unwell, I moved back home to take a break from school. It was at that time that I discovered The Giving Keys and I purchased a simple key with the engraving of "Strength". It became my staple and I wore it constantly.

Several months later, I began feeling better. I was finding friends, and I found acceptance within myself. It was at that time that I received a phone call notifying me of my 10-year-old cousin's suicide.

The entire family mourned passionately, but most of all his mother. She had previously lost another son when he accidentally drowned in the bathtub as a toddler and the death of another child was far too much to bear. I knew then that she needed all the Strength she could receive. I gave her the key while attending the funeral. I hope it will help her carry that awful burden.


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