A Little Tangible Reminder

About two years ago I received my Giving Key in a packet with my MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) registration kit. I had never heard of these keys before but I was intrigued by the concept and loved my key so much that I felt like I could never part with it.

It had the simple word COURAGE printed on it, and I thought that I could really use some of that. I had been going through a rough season personally and felt like that small word could be of use to me for inspiration to get through my days; aside from that fact it was also going along with the theme of MOPS that year: BE YOU BRAVELY.

And so I went on with my key, telling people about it periodically but still thinking that I would not give it away.

It was in that year that my younger sister's husband was killed in a tragic helicopter crash that rocked our entire close-knit family. My sister was now a widow at 23 with a life in ruins, so much left undone and such a seemingly dark future ahead.

It is now almost two years from that fateful day, and by the grace of a loving God we have gotten through. My sister is embarking on the next chapter of her life, and so today I felt the need to pass my key on to her.

She is in the midst of a brand new job, and now will be moving from the apartment that she shared with her late husband to a new city away from her family and friends. I sat down with her on our mom's front porch and shared with her how proud I am and I know that change is scary but she has the Courage to move on and I hoped that this little key would just remind her of that Courage.

It was a simple exchange but my prayer is that the key will inspire her like it did me when I was going through a tough time. I love my sister and I know that my key is now in good hands. Of course I know that the key is just a symbol and doesn't hold any real power but I did pray over that key because I believe that along with faith, sometimes a little tangible reminder can do big things.


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