So Soon

One Saturday I was shopping around and discovered that Altar'd State sold Giving Keys! I had been wanting one for a long time, so I decided to finally pick one out-STRENGTH.

A few hours later, while I was preparing for a camping trip that my small group was planning to take that evening, I received news that we would no longer be hiking out. I texted one of my leaders who told me that we were going to head the church instead to support the twins.

The twins are two of my very good friends, Ansley and Ashton Hill, who had gone up to Knoxville the day before to watch their sister graduate from UTK. Confused, I asked what had happened-I thought they were still in Knoxville. In reply, I was informed that their beloved sister, Lexee, had taken her own life early that morning.

I care a great deal about how others are feeling. And it absolutely killed me seeing my dear friends that evening at church unable to hold their tears in, completely broken over the loss of their older sister. I immediately knew that they needed STRENGTH a lot more than I did.

My friend decided to purchase a second key that says PEACE so we could give one to each of the sisters.

A few days ago at a bonfire, my friend and I gave the keys, along with hand-written letters to the Hills. Seeing their faces light up at the sight of our gifts completely made up for the tears we had all cried in the previous days as we attended Lexee's visitation and funeral. They were so thankful.

Even though I only owned my key for a couple of days, I don't regret giving it away so soon. The truth is, it took strength to let it go when I thought I needed the message so desperately. It brought so much joy to my heart when I handed it over, knowing that it would serve them much more in this time of sadness and confusion.


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