Patiently Loved and Encouraged

My 5 year old son is on the Autism Spectrum and just graduated from Preschool. I saw the "Inspire" bracelets and I knew I had to get them for his amazing teacher, occupational therapist, speech therapist, and physical therapist.

Unless you have a child with special needs, it is difficult to understand the fear involved with sending them off to school for the first time. Will they be scared? Will they be understood? Will they be loved & respected? Will they learn? This amazing team provided me with the greatest gift...every single day that my son went off to school I knew he would be patiently loved and encouraged.

My son loved school and progressed in so many different areas. They helped me understand my son better and have inspired me to embrace "my village" of people who will bring so many positive things to my son and family. I have been dreading the day he will have to leave since the very first day we walked in the door and I got to know this amazing group. I know they will inspire many more children and families to come and I could not be more grateful for our time with them. 


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