Courage To Accept The Things I Cannot Change

As I write this story, all I have is this key. I have no home, just a few days left in a hotel. Bankruptcy awaits and my bags are packed to walk the streets. Homeless.

I have one chance and all my eggs are in. One mistake and my life is no more. I am a addict who lost his family, who no longer see his little daughter.

I recently lost the love of my life and her family. Countless fruitful jobs have come and gone succumbed to my self loathing. Hunger I feel, alone I am. Heartbroken and in sorrow, humbled by a lifetime of regret. The hug won't come. The love is lost and shelter is no more.

I live to love and bleed my soul on my sleeve. My addictions have cost me it all and my past is born from sorrow. I have no family, nobody to turn to.

The love of my life gave me this key and in it I have one last fight. It says courage and without it I would have none. Courage to accept the things I cannot change. Homeless and afraid. One chance to let go, one more chance to love. I need a miracle but I have courage. 


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