Even When... Endure

Even When... Endure

My name is Courtney and I am a forgotten mourner. I am a sibling survivor of death and this is my story: one I never imagined I would have to identify myself with.

My baby brother, Adam, is the wildest, craziest, most lovable human being I've ever known. I was 19 months when he was born. He has been my confidant and my go-to. He has gotten me in and out of trouble. He has taught me how to be a bolder person and stand up for myself, others and what is right. He is a defender of the underdogs across the globe. He is reliable and trustworthy. He is consistent and a planner. He is organized and a hard worker. He is giving and compassionate. He is my first best friend and I have thought about him every second since he's been gone.

On June 11th, 2016, my precious brother took his last breath here on earth and his first one in the presence of our amazing Heavenly Father. At the age of 23 and my brother at the age of 21, I never fathomed having to continue living without him being here.

When I purchased The Giving Keys bracelet for myself on May 8th, I never expected that I would be giving my bracelet away before I ever got the chance to wear it. But God had a different plan. On May 12th, another young girl in my hometown became a victim of the "club" no one ever wants to become a part of: the forgotten mourners. Lily's little brother, Morgan, also lost his life. My heart was shattered watching a schoolmate struggle to cope with the same thing I was.

Tonight, I will give Lily my giving key.

Even when it feels like you can't. Even when it hurts to breathe or move. Even when you're at a loss for words. Even when you laugh at a memory, knowing there will be no more new ones. ENDURE.

I endure everyday for Adam, even though I never imagined I would have to do so; I have no comprehension of why he was called to his Heavenly Home so soon. We'll never know why. However, I do know that the least I can do is pass this enduring message of hope to someone else.


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