I Want To Be Fearless

I Want To Be Fearless

I got my necklace at a conference in February 2016. I didn't want to have to give it away so a bought a friend's, she bought mine, and then we gave them to each other.

My word was FEARLESS. I wanted to be fearless as I began the process of finishing up my first book, a memoir about childhood trauma and finding faith and being resilient. It was hard work and looking back at what I went through, I saw so much fear in my life growing up.

I often held the key between my hands and prayed that God would make me fearless as I faced these hard things and that He would make me fearless as I told a story that He had given me to tell. 

I never thought I'd give away my key. But then one day, I was thinking about what being fearless meant, and my friend Kate's face came to mind. I knew in a second that it was her turn to wear the key. I put it in the mail (I live in California and Kate lives in Tennessee) and waited with excitement for her to get it.

Kate had been through some really, really hard things and she had just started counseling to face those hard things and take back her life. She is so fearless as she does it because sometimes it seems easier to hide from the scary things than confront them head on.

Her and her husband Paul are also in the process of adopting their daughter from Haiti and I couldn't be more proud as she fearlessly pursues that family God has called them to have. There's a lot of hoops they have to jump through and again, it would be easy to say "This is too hard," but there they are, being fearless about taking this on!


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