Driving Force

I ordered a brass FAITH key necklace. I started wearing it and prayed that the person I needed to give it to would be revealed. Infact, I specifically asked God to guide me to a person who was doing great things through faith. 

All of the sudden it hit me. One night a friend asked me to explain my necklace.... 

I went to Kenya on a medical mission trip in August of 2015. One of my teammates had a beautiful testimony of hardships and mistakes she had made in life. It was beautiful and raw and something I could relate to. 

She then participated in a fundraiser a few months ago to support homelessness in Atlanta. She and a team spent time investing in teens and even slept outside for an evening. It was nothing short of inspiring and a true example of a servants heart. 

I chose to give my key to my friend, Jessica Diaz, because she is such a blessing and doing great things to change the world one person at a time. Her faith is her driving force, so the key was a perfect match.


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