Love Is Louder

I gave my key to one of my best friends, Naomi. We met through being fans of Brandi Carlile and have been close friends for about 6 years or so. We are each other's "wolfpack." We have been there for each other through a myriad of obstacles and hardships, and good times too.

As a baby, she was adopted into a wonderful and loving family. Her grandmother on her mom's side was also adopted and that was one of the many bonds they shared that made her grandma her best friend.

Not too long ago, her grandma passed away after battling cancer. This completely devastated Naomi and living 5 hours away from her, I could only show my support through sending things to her and her family in the mail. This has become somewhat of a tradition now. When one of us is going through something, we always send each other something random to help lift the other's spirit.

Lately, Naomi has really been struggling with missing her grandma. As soon as I saw the Love is Louder keys, I knew I had to give her one to remind her that love is louder than grief and loss. 


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