Changed My Perspective

My name is Alaina and I'm 12 years old. This year as I went into 6th grade, we were all excited about our new teacher Ms. Sowards. Ms. Sowards showed us The Giving Keys video on YouTube during the second week of school, which had us all interested. So, that day, I went and ordered one online.

She has told us so many stories over the year about her kind family and how she takes a leadership position. She always reminds us to be kind and was able to connect with with us so well.

On the last day of school I told her I needed to talk to her outside. We went out the door and I told her, "Ms. Sowards, ever since I met you, you have changed my perspective of everything. I am going to miss you this year and but I want you to know something." Then I pulled of my giving key necklace that said 'Grateful'. I told her "I am very grateful for you Ms. Sowards." We both started crying and hugging while she put on the necklace in shock. She told me it made her whole day, and that it would help her get through the week between moving out of her apartment and taking care of her new dog.


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