Journey To Baby

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 31 months. Countless treatments and tests later we conceived our first child, which we lost at 9 weeks last September.

Just last month, on the due date of our first little Angel, we received the most amazing gift, another test with two pink lines.... Unfortunately we also lost that child. We now have two little Angels watching over us. 

On that day, I found The Giving Keys, and fell in love with the one that says "HOPE". Hope is the only thing that has kept me going through this struggle. My husband got the one that says "FAITH" as that is what has kept him going.

I have recently reached 800 subscribers on Youtube and wanted to do a giveaway for my follow TTC (trying to conceive) sisters. And what better to give away than a key?! I decided to on the message of XO because whoever wins this, I want to send them the biggest hug and kiss, to let them know they're not alone! 

And whenever we do receive our little rainbow baby, we will pass our keys on as well. 


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