Look Forward To Tomorrow

My Mom and I love a lot of the same things. We are both very creative, kind, and great friends to others. We both adore our husbands. A few of our hobbies are collecting art, meditation, shopping, funny TV shows, cooking, and most of all thrifting and garage sales. I live in the Chicagoland Area and my Mother lives in paradise, otherwise known as Hollywood, Florida. We do see each other a few times a year and wow-do we have fun "Garage-Sale-ing together!" If you ask her, I take too long-but I don't want to miss anything important. All "thrifters" will understand that statement.

A couple of weeks ago I was out with my husband, stopping at a few garage sales (bless this man!) I found a Giving Key. Of course I bought it. It has the word HOPE on it. HOPE is my Mom's favorite word. Also, I collect keys. I didn't read the insert until I got home. Now I know it will be a very important gift for me to send to my Mom. I'm getting ready to put it in an envelope today.  

I am the eldest of three. I have a younger sister and I had a younger brother. He passed away a few years ago. My Mom losing her only son was so very difficult, yet she has been amazing and strong dealing with his loss. Through her teachings of meditation and a very caring and loving support system, she gets through it each day with a renewed sense of "HOPE". At times, my brother was homeless. I know this HOPE key will remind her of my brother Michael. She can wear it on the chain when she wants to feel close to him. He would be happy that I am sending this for her. We all miss him. We know he is finally happy and free. May we all look forward to tomorrow with HOPE!


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