Positivity and Vigour

I just felt I couldn't hold onto my Strength key because I was fortunate to have enough around me at the time, however I knew someone who needed it more. I gave it to my friend Rebecca Dixon, even though she and her husband James are some of the strongest people I have ever met, I felt they needed the key even more.  

Here's why - after meeting and falling deeply in love, James was diagnosed with kidney cancer 4 days before their wedding. This meant that despite a beautiful and probably one of the most romantic weddings I have been to, the newlyweds didn't get to spend their honeymoon on an exotic beach, cocktails in hand. It was in hospitals for James to undergo surgery to remove his kidney. In the 2.5 years since his diagnosis, despite aggressive treatment and the appearance of more cancer, the couple gave birth, making their home together, welcoming a son Brody and now with another on the way.

They are amazing friends, always there for others. To spend time with them you would never know that the shadow of cancer hangs over them. I'm not sure most of us would get up in the morning, let alone approach life with the positivity and vigour they do. Whilst I wish for a cure, I just had to send them strength and my strength key seemed the perfect way to show them this not just say it.


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