From Fear To Love

When I first heard about The Giving Keys I thought it was really cool that they were paying it forward by helping the homeless in their transition. I never read the part where you give the key to others once you no longer needed the message. I don't know how this happen but all I know is that there was a reason for it but I would find out later on.

I bought a key for a friend who I thought needed the message "Let Go". The key never got to her even though I tried many times. Two days ago as I am packing, I found the key and for the first time read the message about how to use it to pay it forward. Not only was I inspired by this idea, I was in gratitude to understand that the key never left me because it was I, who needed the message of "Let Go".

In that moment I realized that this whole time the key was always with me, helping me embrace letting go in a deeper way and that it was time to pay it forward.

I gave the key to my housemate who I felt needed to embrace letting go. We cried, we laughed and we looked into the future wondering how many lives this key will touch by helping others to let go and become present; moving them from fear to love. 


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