My Sister Ruth



If I had to describe my sister in one word: Courage

This year MOPS International teamed up with The Giving Keys to provide moms with a Courage Key which went along with the theme of the 2014/2015 year “Be You, Bravely”. I proudly wore my key this year and embraced that word, courage, with a vengeance! And then the time came for me to pass it on. I did not hesitate for one minute as to whom I wanted to give the key.

My sister, Ruth, just recently moved back to the states after her husband, Dan, finished his role as an active duty officer in the U.S. Air Force. They were based in South Korea for two years and brought their second son into the world inside that beautiful and vibrant country. Ruth loved the experience of living in Korea, but it is not an easy thing to raise two sons when the rest of your family is half way around the world.

My sister not only lived in another country while her husband was active duty, but shortly after they were first married back in the states Ruth also raised their first son, for almost an entire year by herself, during Dan’s deployment to Iraq.

Perhaps the greatest reasons I find my sister radiates courage is her love of Jesus and her love of helping people. Ruth’s husband started a non-profit called Mavuno ( that works alongside the people in the Democratic Republic of Congo. My sister’s love for the Congolese is tangible and she pours her heart into the mission of eliminating poverty and empowering the local people in the DRC.

Currently, Dan is there in Bunzi for a short trip. My sister works so diligently behind the scenes for Mavuno, and even though she couldn’t go on this trip with Dan, I just want to recognize her for all that she does. I am so proud and honored to be the sister of this woman of courage.

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