The Vision to Succeed

Today I gave my “Vision” key to a woman I work with. She has been talking to me about starting a non-profit organization, a shelter for single men and women. Every other Sunday she takes her car and with the help of some other co-workers she goes out into the street of Atlanta and feed and clothe people who are less fortunate. She does this with no assistance or monetary donations. She buys the food, cooks it and gives from her heart. She is just a sweet woman. Today she asked me – “What are those keys for?” (I wear 3) – I explained to her and she said – Can I have the one that says “Vision” – I just took it off and gave it to her. She then asked me you know why I asked you for that? I said No, why (I knew) – She said for my organization. I have a vision. This was my first key that I gave away and it was to the right person. I hope she keeps her vision and continues her works. – Erica Dinero Kelley

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