Beauty Found on the Streets

One day, after purchasing my two “strength” and “love” necklaces, I met a homeless man on the street. He told me that he had a rare disease that could not be cured. He told me about himself and how he once loved a girl named Turki and that when, a couple of years ago, she was killed in a car accident, he sobbed for many days and nights. I learned a lot about this man and thought he had plenty of love, but all he needed was strength. So, I gave him the necklace and he thanked me with a big warm hug.

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I purchased 4 giving keys. I gave half to my sister because I bought 2 with her money. The following day I was wearing the “hope” and the “love” keys...

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My friend has been going through a lot lately, like having to deal with the death of her little sister who was only about 8 months old, her boyfriend of...

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