Love is For Everybody

I purchased 4 giving keys. I gave half to my sister because I bought 2 with her money. The following day I was wearing the “hope” and the “love” keys to the mall because I feel I don’t need hope or love if I have a family. When i walked in a woman was being kicked out because she had robbed a store in there. They had her picture posted on the window door. I walked out to ask why she was wearing dirty clothes I kind of already knew, but I wanted the full story. When I asked her she said she needed the money for food. She walked me over to a spot around back of the mall, she pointed to a box. She said she found a dog with no home so she kept it. She had only a blanket and food for her dog. She asked for food. I didn’t have any food but i had the keys and 50 dollars. I gave them both to her.

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Madsi, Madsi, Madsi, she’s such a friend! She is giving me a key with “strength” on it because I am going through a rough time at home. I wish to...

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One day, after purchasing my two “strength” and “love” necklaces, I met a homeless man on the street. He told me that he had a rare disease that could not...

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