The Power of Hope

I had recently received a Giving Key Necklace with the word HOPE written on it. At first, I was quite confused on what I was supposed to do with it, so I just wore it for the prettiness. A few months later, I had received news that my sister had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Alarmed, I went and visited her. I found her in a hospital room, her face filled with worry. “They say I might not make it,” she told me, tears in her eyes. “Oh Esther, what am I going to do about the kids? They’re not ready for me to leave, especially with their father half way across the country.” She started to sob as I sat down on her bed. “You will make it.” I told her in a stern voice “You are the toughest female I’ve ever met.” I looked down at my HOPE necklace as an idea flashed in my mind. “Here,” I took off my necklace and handed it to her “Take this and remember to never give up hope, no matter how bad the chances are looking”
She survived and is now a healthy soul.

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My friends dad just died and shes ten so she was very, very sad. I gave her my strength key.

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I was given a key one time that said “Love” on it, by my best friend. First, I didn’t know anything of what it was for. About a month later,...

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