An Amazing Individual

In Humboldt Saskatchewan this past weekend, we suffered a loss nation wide. A Junior Hockey team was involved in tragic accident with their team bus going to a playoff hockey game in Nipawin. A total of 15 people passed away and 14 are still in hospital. In the office that I work at in a town South East of Humboldt there is a very special lady that works here that has billeted hockey players in her house for many, many years plus she has boys of her own. She is on almost every hockey board there is in our community and is a huge advocate for the great young men that play the sport. This loss of players hit her hard as many of the billets that passed through her home knew the players that didn't make it and put a really harsh reality in her perspective that this could have been one of her own. It's a tough time of grieving right now for our whole province. While she was out of her office I placed the Giving Keys message and the FAITH key necklace on her desk. She later came in my office hugging me saying "you don't know how much this means." Thank you for having a company that makes it that much easier to have a lasting positive impact on amazing people that deserve it.

- Jodi 

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