Build LOVE Till the End

I received my key a year ago from my husband for a present. My word was LOVE. I really wanted to work at applying that word- not only in learning to LOVE myself more, but also as a reminder to be more aware, and show LOVE to those around me. It's interesting, I would wonder from time to time, how I would know when it was time to give it to someone, or who I would give it to.

In January, my daughter lost a close friend, due to a car accident. She wasn't much younger than my daughter. My heart ached, not only for my daughter, but for this mother who had just lost her child. I can't imagine how I would feel if I lost my daughter. I knew that this mother is who I would be giving my key to. I did not know this woman, but had the honor of meeting her daughter several times. 

When my daughter was getting ready to leave to go to the memorial service, I sent the key and a note with her to give to the mother. In the note I expressed my condolences and how happy I was to have met her daughter. I sent a picture of my husband, myself, my daughter and this sweet young lady. I am also a birth mother. So, in the note, I let her know that even though it's not the same circumstance, I know what it is like to LOVE a child you cannot touch, see, or hear. 

I once read: "LOVE is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much LOVE you have in the beginning but how much LOVE you build till the end." 

I hope when she looks at her key, that she can feel how much her daughter was loved. How special her LOVE was to others. How much she loved her mom... and how much this mom will always LOVE her daughter.

- Melissa 

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