Friends For Life

Here's our LOVE story: Our friendship all started with the symbol of a key back in college, its our sorority symbol. It's how we all came together and our friendship was truly love at first sight. There is nothing like old friends that make you feel loved and safe!

But when one of your "people" has Mestastatic Breast Cancer and is fighting everyday for her life - you feel helpless and scared for her and her beautiful family. So all we could do is just be her support and send Michelle our LOVE.

We planned a girls weekend to celebrate love and friendship. When we saw the giving keys, it was perfect - the message, giving back and most importantly LOVE. So our plan was to surprise Michelle with the necklace and each one of us has one - so we can always remember her and our ever-lasting friendship.

A couple of days before the weekend, Michelle was too sick to travel. So we sent her the necklace and sent her a picture of us all wearing it and she sent us one back of her wearing it as well. Michelle was the main reason for the weekend and even though she could not make it, we all realized that we needed it in our own way.

We have never laughed or cried so hard. We are hopeful that everyone will make our next trip but know in our heart that may not be the case. Michelle is the bravest person we know and are forever thankful for how the key brought us together way back when.


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