HOPE to an Amazing Woman

I passed on HOPE. I was given the key HOPE 3 years ago from my sister in law and nieces, when I left my now ex-husband. I never believed in divorce, but it was either to choose his life or mine and I chose mine. It was an abusive relationship for 7 years physically and mentally. When I left I was completely lost and thought things would never get better and that no one would ever want me and I was damaged. I had to move back to the area, and get a new job. Every time I would get weak and want to go back to my ex husband I would hold onto the key as tight as I could till I could get past it.

Now 3 years later I decided it was time to pass the key on, to someone that I have always looked up to, and that helped me get back on my feet when I returned to the area I grew up around. She has helped me get back to a happy me, and help rebuild my confidence. She's going through a lot, from health issue, a separation, and business issue and I know she could use a little HOPE. I can not return all things she has helped me with but I HOPE this gives here a little bit. So today I passed on HOPE to an amazing woman.

- Shannon

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