Inspired By Love And Friendship

The other day at work, I saw my coworker wearing a key necklace. I told her I thought it was cute and that's when she told me the idea behind The Giving Keys. I love gifts that have meaning behind them and I thought it was such a creative and sincere gift idea that I would have loved someone to present to me.

That day, I went home and looked at The Giving Key's website. Going through a hard time on my own lately, and thinking of the hardships I have experienced in the past, I decided I wanted to gift myself a key that says "strong". I debated if I really wanted to gift myself something personal like that. I finally decided to purchase it, as a gift and reminder to myself that I am strong, no matter the losses I have had in my life.

Today was my last day at work, where I have worked seasonally last summer and this summer. I saw a package on the counter with a card wrapped on top of a box and asked whose it was. My coworkers said that the package was for me. I was surprised I was receiving a gift and card with such sweet words from my coworkers. I opened the box and it was a Giving Key. After having bought myself a key a few days ago, and opening up a key that I had wanted presented to me, brought me to tears.

My entire drive home, I could not stop thinking about how lucky and touched I felt from receiving such a personable, caring gift. I thought about the series of events that led me back to working there this summer and how it was a change in plans from original plans that fell through. I thought about how timing and fate made it so a spot opened up for me 2 days after interviewing for a different area in the store. I thought about how my happiness through my hard times this summer had come from my friends and days at work.

I am at a loss of words by this sweet gift and key because it reminded me that I am not only "strong" because of what I have been going through, but I am also "inspire(d)" by the love and friendship of my friends who presented this key to me.


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