Inspired To Keep Going

My son, Ryan and his partner, Trevor, gave The Giving Key with the word INSPIRE necklace on it to me for Mother's day. At first, I was selfish and wanted to keep it, as it was a treasured gift from my son. However, I prayed and thought about it. 

There is a friend of mine, Mary, whose daughter, Megan, has been thru so much in her young 21 years. She was once an active sports enthusiasts, playing every sport and exceeding at it, straight A student, involved in many activities while in high school…has a huge love for all animals and humans. 

She then kept getting sick, they had no idea what was wrong with her until they finally diagnosed SMA - Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome. (In some cases of SMA Syndrome, severe malnutrition accompanying spontaneous wasting may occur. This, in turn, increases the duodenal compression, spurring a vicious cycle.)"Food fear" is a common development among patients with the chronic form of SMA syndrome. SMA has almost taken her life a few times.

On Christmas day 2013, I was sitting with her mom in the waiting room at the local hospital and we were praying that she wouldn't die. This was her 2nd major surgery within a week. This disease causes extreme pain, it is very rare and hard to diagnose and robs someone of their life they once knew.  

This is where I came to realize that I can't keep this KEY as Megan has Inspired me to keep going thru my tough days, that I can overcome anything that comes my way. I love her like she is my own and I am going to give her my Giving Key to show that she has inspired me and keeps doing so.


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