Keep Believing

This summer I went on a mission trip to Nepal. Our mission work included eye camps, clean water filters and training the current believers at local churches to go share the gospel.

At one local church the pastor's wife shared her testimony, she grew up in a upper class Buddhist home. When she started going to church and accepted Christ her family disowned her and made her leave her home, she spent all the money she had to make it back to the church and ended up staying with her friend who had taken her to church.

One of her daily prayers is that her family comes to know the Lord, while they have not come to know the Lord yet they have been able to feel peace when attending her church which was a huge blessing.

After she shared her testimony each of us prayed for her and her family, I had been wearing my key to believe in myself as it was my first mission trip, but I felt the tug to gift it to this sweet lady of Christ. I told her to keep believing and praying for her family to come to Christ, and God's will will be done.


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