Overwhelming Feeling Of Love

My long-time boyfriend had broken up with me out of the blue because he "just fell out of love." I had been heart-broken before, but nothing had ever made me feel as devastated and empty as this did. The pain was unlike anything I had experienced before. I felt like I was being suffocated, drowning and I couldn't come up for air.

My mother tried to keep me busy. She took me shopping to buy new clothes, things without memories attached to them. When I returned home, I was showing my roommates what I had gotten at the mall and a key fell out of one of the bags. I already knew what The Giving Keys were, and upon realizing that's what was in the bag I immediately broke down into tears. Not sad tears, but just an overwhelming feeling of love. She had bought the key and slipped it into my bag without me noticing. My Giving Key had the word "STRENGTH" engraved on it, something I needed more than I had ever needed before. It was a constant reminder that I was stronger than I thought I was, and that even though I didn't believe I would be okay, my mother knew I was strong enough to get through this tough time. 

I kept my key for 11 months. There were times that I thought about passing it along to a friend or two, but I just couldn't part with it yet - I still needed it's message. I began to feel normal again and I finally believed that I would be okay. Around this time, a very close friend of mine's little sister, and her boyfriend broke up. They had been together for years, and it was a very similar situation to what I had just gone through. No real explanation, no concrete reason for the end of a relationship that was otherwise untroubled. I didn't know her sister well, but knowing what she was going through made my heart ache for her. It's a pain no one should have to endure, and I knew then that it was time for me to pass on my key.

I'm undeniably grateful for these keys which allow us to use our own trials and tribulations to inspire others with their messages.


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