Remember You Are COURAGEOUS

I was given my COURAGE key 3 1/2 years ago by a dear friend who saw I was struggling with severe postpartum depression. It was a dark time in my life, and I wore this key to remind myself to have the COURAGE to face each day and each feeling.

Fast forward to now, I have my own dear friend facing a horrible situation. She underwent what should have been outpatient hernia surgery on 12/28. Currently one month later, she has had 3 more surgeries to repair the poorly completed surgery. She also developed sepsis and was hospitalized. She is now facing a long road to recovery, carrying around a wound vacuum with her wherever she goes, that’s when she’s even able to travel. She is a mother of a one year old who so far has lost one month of quality time with her only child. She had also started a new career in special education while trying to complete an education program herself. This surgery has disrupted every aspect of her life, including the emotional drain and the physical pain she’s dealing with every day. I’m gifting her my COURAGE key, hoping that she’ll embrace it, and allow herself to be COURAGEOUS and strong and brave, as she has no idea what the next few months hold for her in her recovery. She is a strong woman already, and this key will just be a reminder!

- Tray

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