The LOVE I Felt

For my birthday in 2017 my aunt (who always gives me the most thoughtful gifts) gave me a Giving Key necklace with the word LOVE on it and told me that I was to wear it every day and bestow upon it all the LOVE that I had in me until I came across someone who I wanted to share that LOVE with.

Right around this time, through the destructiveness of my addict behaviors, I lost three of the most meaningful relationships that I ever had the good fortune of their sunlight shining upon my life. Though she may not feel the same about me today, I would still refer to one of these three as the great LOVE of my life, and her mother and daughter complete the trio of whom I am passing this key on to. This wonderful family has encountered enough hardships to the point that their story might read like a Shakespearean epic except that the amount of will, courage, and determination that I have seen from these women will ensure that their story is anything but a tragedy. Moreover, they have inspired me to put my bravest face on and face each day, no matter how I may feel that morning. The LOVE key that I have worn every moment is being passed to them so they have a small physical reminder of the inspiration they have given me and for how much LOVE I felt from them during the time I was so blessed to share with them. 

- Evan

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