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You Are The Key Hardcover The Giving Keys You Are The Key

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You Are The Key Hardcover

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For anyone who feels less-than about your work, worth, body, or the life you're building, find here an incredible hope: you don't have to have it all together to "qualify" for your life's calling.

What if the very imperfections you resist the most offer the key to your brightest purpose? Join The Giving Keys founder and CEO Caitlin Crosby in You Are the Key to discover what happens when we stop hiding our flaws and choose brave vulnerability instead. For the first time, Caitlin also opens up about her own secret "flaw" that rocked her sense of self-worth for the better part of two decades, and her private battle to believe our scars are not sources of shame but proof of courage and prompts toward purpose.

Through Caitlin's all-too-real stories, sparkling with warmth and humor, you'll find your own free pass to embrace your flaws and reframe your imperfections not as limitations but signposts toward your greatest purpose.

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