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The keys you purchase make a real difference.

The Giving Keys exist to spread hope and inspire others. Check out the latest looks, trends, and collections.


Your words inspire us.

Your words inspire us. Read how people are spreading hope, love, strength, and courage to family, friends and even strangers.

"No one is immune from fears, we all have them. But I try to channel the idea of fearlessness in so much of what I do because it makes me feel stronger and propels me to fight harder for what I do and things in which I believe."

— Lisa Ling

"I have felt such fight within myself - I can't even put it into words the emotions associated with this little key and what it has given."

— Shelby

"Let go of the need to be perfect. Good is not great enough, but perfection is an impossible standard. You can punch above your fighting weight, and that’s a pretty good strategy"

— Jaclyn Johnson

How To Pay It Forward

Purchase, Wear, & Embrace the word on your key

Then Pay It Forward to a person you feel needs the message more than you

Write us the story of why you gave it away HERE

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