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Pay It Forward Stories

A collection of your stories from around the world that give hope, provide strength, and inspire others to pay it forward everyday.

The Key Of Courage

I got it when I was diagnosed with cancer. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 and then again in 2013. Lucky me! And if that wasn't enough...the trifecta of Thyroid cancer in 2014.  This is my FB post the day before my double mastectomy:
Tomorrow marks the end of an era. I am saying goodbye to life-long friends.
After being diagnosed with breast cancer twice in 12 months it's time to say goodbye to the girls.
This isn't a 'oh sad for me isn't that awful' post (though that's not untrue).
This is a letting go post....

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This month I gave away two keys.
First was a silver bracelet with the word Believe. I got lunch with a friend, Christina, who I hadn't seen in a while and she is one of the greatest women I have ever met. She is one of those girls that you technically should be jealous of but I love her so much that it isn't even an option. She is stunningly beautiful without even trying, she has a heart way too big for her petite little body, and her laugh could end wars.

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Dr. Meesh

My college roommate's little sister, has always been like my own little sister. In fact, her first year in college, I crank called her pretending to be a TA accusing her of copying homework. She laughed when she realized it was me - we have that kind of relationship. Over the years, I've witnessed some of her life accomplishments - including her master's graduation and wedding.

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We Love You Nick

Two years ago our son was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Several months later a friend gave me a LOVE necklace to wear. We felt a great deal of love and kindness over the next months and when Nick died this March we were wrapped in love and caring from hundreds of friends and family. Thank you for this heartfelt experience. I will now pass this "gift" on to a family who also has a son suffering with cancer.

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In Memory Of....

My story isn't about the beautiful keys given as encouragement, but rather the keys donated, for therein lies a story waiting to be told. My son became a fallen soldier earlier this year, and among his belongings were 50+ keys. I wasn't sure what to do with them until I walked into a store and saw The Giving Keys. I thought, what a beautiful idea. My son was a humble person, proud to be a soldier, and a quiet giver to so many.

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