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Pay It Forward Stories

A collection of your stories from around the world that give hope, provide strength, and inspire others to pay it forward everyday.

Strength In All Situations

I have been looking for a gift for one of my best friends, who is going through a hard time. She has gone through so much these past few years: Her husbands drug addiction and all that goes with it, losing her house to a fire, her husband going to jail, and then having to kick him out 10 weeks after he came back. She is a faithful believer who only wants to serve God, and be the best wife and mother she can. I have been trying to find something with 'Strength' written on it since Christmas. So I...

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Keep My Head Up

I've been in and out of emotional and mentally abusive relationships all my life. I chose the word Love for my Giving Key because I had finally decided that I needed to learn to love myself and then another. I wore the necklace everyday as a constant reminder that I needed to Love myself and others at all times. I found the Love I needed for myself and in someone else as well! I decided to give my key to a complete stranger that I only know through a common interest, OCR racing and a shared Facebook group. I posted...

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Every Day

Three years ago my friend gave me a Giving Key with the word Courage on it when I began treatment for anorexia. Courage was exactly what I needed to leave college, move back home and start treatment. Courage got me to recovery. Courage got me through college. Courage got me through the transition of moving to a new city and starting my first big girl job. And for a second time, Courage brought me back to treatment for my eating disorder. Ever since the day I got my key I prayed that God would show me who needed this Courage...

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One More Time

I am a Peace Officer and I work with people rough sleeping in my city (Calgary, AB). Today I came across a man named Lance in a public park who my partner and I decided to engage in conversation after committing an offence in a public park. Shortly after learning his name, Lance began to tell me his story. Constantly in and out of prison since the age of 17, moved around from foster home to foster home during his childhood, and a drug addict of 38 years. Lance is a very spiritual person who has turned to Christ to...

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Pink Hat on The Left

I had only met my wonderful friend twice before he sent me "inspire" and "believe" keys in the mail last. He sent them because I told them about my sister. She is the grey haired beauty on the right. I am wearing the pink hat on the left. I wore a pink hat on her wedding day 25 years ago, so for her 25th anniversary party last summer, I did it again. The party had a lot more meaning for all of us-- we weren't just celebrating her and her husband's 25 years together. We were celebrating my remarkable amazing...

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