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Pay It Forward Stories

A collection of your stories from around the world that give hope, provide strength, and inspire others to pay it forward everyday.

The Mantra She Says

For years I struggled with alcohol abuse as the result of many things, including an emotion dysregulation disorder. About 2 years ago, I decided to pursue a treatment plan that required me to look at some painful truths and take responsibility for learning to deal with life in healthy ways. I was terrified about having to face the dark parts of myself head on. As I had in the past, I often turned to alcohol to blow off steam and to numb out the vulnerability I felt. Eventually it became apparent that alcohol was getting in the way of healing...

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Her Worth

Faith. This word scared me at first. How do you accomplish Faith? How do you feel so secure in your Faith to pass your story on and give your key to someone else? I got my key about a year ago. I had no expectation of actually giving it away because let's face it, they are super cute as well as inspiring. As the year went on, my heart began to change. My faith was challenged quite a bit. I faced a lot of times where I did not know where to turn. When I looked down, the necklace reminded...

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Fighter. My very special friend who lives next door gave me a Giving Key for my birthday. I credit her with saving my life. As I struggled with my cancer diagnosis and one failed surgery, she gently suggested I consider going "one and done." My doctor disagreed. The "second opinion" doctor disagreed. It was one of the hardest decisions I ever made, but with my family and friends around me I found the courage to go forward with the extensive surgery and reconstruction. "Good thing" my doctor told me, because my other breast was just waiting to blow.Breast cancer runs...

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There Is a Plan

I received my key Believe as a Christmas gift 2015 from my boss. I had heard about The Giving Keys last May, 2015 by a friend, so when I opened my gift I knew immediately what it was. I Love my key! I knew right when I took my key out of the box who was to receive it next. I have a son who is 26 years old and is currently serving a sentence of 96 years in the Washington State Penitentiary. This July, 2016 he will have been there for 4 years. I have never been so broken...

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On Our Soil

Recently I purchased a giving key with the word Freedom. I for one, as a licensed social worker, with a masters in social work, and supreme dedication to all causes preventing violence against women, and children, am a total sucker for anything that goes to benefit human trafficking. I work in New Jersey for a human trafficking prevention/commercial sexual exploitation of children initiative based around youth. All of us, work to prevent domestic minor sex trafficking within the United States. We run ten-week groups with male and female youth that cover definitions of human trafficking, recruitment tactics, pimps/traffickers, self esteem,...

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