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Pay It Forward Stories

A collection of your stories from around the world that give hope, provide strength, and inspire others to pay it forward everyday.

His strength inspires me

My son lives with Crohn's disease and a kidney disease. Every day he's reminded of his struggles but never let's it show; he simple wears a smile and keeps fighting to have a "normal day". His strength inspires me. It breaks my heart that I cannot take away his pain, his struggle - but I can remind him that his strength is an inspiration to me. I'm GIVING him this KEY to wear as a symbol of my love and admiration. (I love you Dano!)

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With Shaking Hands

For my birthday about two years ago, my older sister Jess gave me a Giving Key with the word BRAVE engraved on it. My sister is my rock. She had seen me break off a relationship promising riches and social status, because it was void of love and passion, and watched as I rebuilt my individuality and my trust in God. It meant so much that she acknowledged my struggle and the bravery it took to make that choice and start over. I clung to that necklace for two years as a token of encouragement and love. Recently, I found...

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A Little Tangible Reminder

About two years ago I received my Giving Key in a packet with my MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) registration kit. I had never heard of these keys before but I was intrigued by the concept and loved my key so much that I felt like I could never part with it. It had the simple word COURAGE printed on it, and I thought that I could really use some of that. I had been going through a rough season personally and felt like that small word could be of use to me for inspiration to get through my days; aside...

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Far Too Much

Near my 16th birthday, I found out I had clinical depression and anxiety. With this knowledge, medications continually changed and I soldiered on. It was never easy, but I was able to bear it - at least until I was 19. At that point I thought my life was over. I was continuing my education at Utah State University and I had few friends, my boyfriend had recently moved away and my depression was overwhelming. I debated suicide multiple times. Thankfully, I never acted upon it. Being mentally unwell, I moved back home to take a break from school. It...

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The Hero and The Survivor

This is the most thoughtful gift I have ever received. My dad was a Holocaust survivor. He was born and raised a Jew in Amsterdam. When WWII happened, he went into hiding but was captured and became a prisoner of war. He was able to escape and not knowing what to do next-he made his way to England and signed with the Royal Air Force. He flew with them and unbelievably was the only survivor of a plane crash that killed all others aboard. About this time he learned that his parents had been killed upon arrival at Auschwitz. They...

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