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Pay It Forward Stories

A collection of your stories from around the world that give hope, provide strength, and inspire others to pay it forward everyday.

"It feels so much better to LET GO"

I knew right away that I needed a key that said "Let go." A concept that I have struggled with for as long as I can remember, and the solution to all of the struggles, battles, and heartbreaks I have had to endure. I think the beginning of my life started not too long ago on August 10, 2015, and it took a suicide attempt for me to see that I am in control of what I let affect me. That sometimes, all we really need to do is just let go, and let life happen. Ask anyone close enough to...

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Don't Stop Believing

You know how when something awful happens you feel like it won’t actually be real or true if you don’t say it out loud…? Well that’s exactly how I feel. Today I got the news that my best friend of ten years has breast cancer. You always hear about things like this happening, but you never for a second imagine it’s going to happen to someone close to you. We had been waiting all week to get an answer and of all things it turned out to be the dreaded “c” word that no one wants to hear. Cancer. The...

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Hope for a Better Tomorrow

I have a friend that I have had the privilege to know for a long time. When she was in her early forties she got the news that she had aggressive breast cancer. Without going into all the details lets just say she has been through way more than someone her age should. Losing all her hair, her ability to taste, smell, sleep, her ability to work and to just feel good. Those are little things. But she made it through only to have it return. It came back with a vengeance. Only this time her breast cancer became cancer...

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Strength to Fight and Push Forward

My best friend since high school gave me a 'Strength' Giving Key on the day I walked as a survivor in my first Ovarian Cancer Walk. On May 21, 2015, the day of my college graduation, I received a phone call that my cancer antigen was elevated in some blood work I had done at the Gynecologist after experiencing some pelvic pain. One week later, after unrelenting pain and returning to the doctor for more tests, I began to throw up blood. We all knew something was wrong and to be safe we wanted an Oncologist to treat me as...

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Believe it is Enough

I just recently bought my first key to give away to my sister. It's going out in the mail today to be shipped to her at a recovery center where she is being treated for alcoholism. This is her 5th time going into recovery; her 3rd time for a 28 day program. The difference this time is that she is the one who initiated going versus me and my family and other loved ones talking her into it. The difference this time is that she has finally lost something valuable to her as a result of her drinking. She has...

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