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Pay It Forward Stories

A collection of your stories from around the world that give hope, provide strength, and inspire others to pay it forward everyday.

Happily Ever After

For Lindsay, on her Wedding DayCREATE...Your own happinessHappiness in those around youA beautiful familyLove and FriendshipAn amazing life with your husband... This is our wish for you!Congratulations on committing to CREATE your happily ever after!Love you with all our heart❤️ T and B  

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Compassion and Courage

Sarah is one strong teacher. I started working with her 9 years ago. I was excited to meet the kindergarten teacher who I heard so much about from my principal. She was about the same age as me, the same teaching experience, we had a mutual friend, and she was from this town I just moved to. I was hoping to make a good connection with her as I wanted to fit into my new surroundings and make new friends. The thing is, we didn't make a very quick connection.  Sarah and I never really talked much and we kind of...

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A Life Worth Fighting For

In a life where I have known nothing but hatred, anger, sadness and despair.. where there was a constant war inside my heart and mind.. she gave me PEACE. She has shown me a life worth fighting for. A future that I thought I would never have. She calmed the hurricane of emotions raging inside of me. She knows exactly what to do when I am caught in the wall of the storm. She soothes my deep and aching pains. She knows when to be gentle and when to be firm. She is like the ocean tide: strong and steady....

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He Believed in My Vision

In the power of sharing and giving forward, this total stranger welcomed my film crew and I to use his beautiful property to shoot my last film. All he asked in return was that he get to share his incredible stories. It was because of Don that I was able to bring my idea to life. I was simply a stranger to him, but he wholeheartedly believed in my vision. Because of it, I feel extremely blessed to have met him. I passed my INSPIRE Lock Necklace and his eyes instantly lit up!   This video was created by Zach...

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Strength through Recovery

I received a key with the word "STRENGTH" after suffering a broken hip and broken toes requiring surgeries. After my recovery I gave the key to my nephew who was struggling with recovery from heroin addiction. Happily he is doing very well. Then unfortunately his mother, my sister, has been diagnose with Stage IV cancer. He has now passed the key onto his mother. The STRENGTH key helped my nephew and myself and we pray it will help his mother, my sister.

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