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Pay It Forward Stories

A collection of your stories from around the world that give hope, provide strength, and inspire others to pay it forward everyday.

Courage and Help

I decided to give my key to a young lady that reminded me a lot of myself. She is a single parent at the age of 21 and raising her son on her own. I gave her the key of Courage so that with the help of God she may continue to be the best mom possibly. It was a very emotional moment at that time. I realized that there are so many other young teens that are left to be single mom's as I was at the age of 18. I wish I had a key to encourage everyone. Thanks...

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Faith to Push Through

Today I had the honor of giving away my first Giving Key. I bought this little golden key inscribed with the word FAITH just four short days ago. Today was a very special day for me to give my key away, as it marks the one and a half year anniversary of my mom's passing. Prior to this she had been sick with cancer. It took an incredible amount of FAITH for my family to get through that time. I was listening to a coworker talk about how she had been having a rough time lately, and how she had...

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Believe Again

I have chosen to give the BELIEVE key to one of dearest friends, Nicole! She lost her Mom when she was 19yrs, to a boating accident and then just recently her Dad to colon cancer. I wanted to give this necklace to her because I believe that God has a path for everyone! And for whatever reason we wake up in the morning we need to believe that they are in a better place, and that they have met up once again! Believe in yourself and where ever the path may take you!

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Spreading Love

I went with my son and his family to see his father after 37 years! His Dad's ex wife (the woman he married after me) and her son, shared the week with us. She was going through a tough time and getting ready for knee surgery. As we said goodbye I asked her if she would like the giving key I had been wearing. As she asked me about it, she said through her tears that she would LOVE it so I put it on her neck. The key said, LOVE! So Beth now wears the necklace!

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Stand Strong and Fight

The key was given to me by my friend, Missy (to my left in the picture) while I was battling Multiple Myeloma cancer. We have been friends for 36 years. Someday there will be a cure for this cancer but today one can only stand strong and FIGHT. Having the courage to do that came from my family and dear friends like Missy. I have had chemo, bone marrow biopsies, and a stem cell transplant. I am currently in remission and am now passing my key to my friend, Kathy, who has lung cancer.  

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