A Courageous Journey

A few months ago, I ordered a bunch of keys for my clothing store, Lux Clothing. I carefully selected one to start wearing. I loved it, and thought how could I ever give it away!!!

A couple days before I left for a trip to Boston, to watch the 2013 World Series, I grabbed my necklace with the word COURAGE on it and slipped it around my neck wondering if I would ever meet someone to give it to. Although I wanted to keep it forever, I was also anxious to meet the person who would inspire me with courage.

The trip to Boston was incredible, and after the Red Sox won, we postponed our flight until Saturday so we could watch the parade.

We boarded the plane home and thats when I met Helen. We talked on and off throughout the 6 hour flight, and I got to know a 72 year old woman full of COURAGE who was about to embark on a journey that would take her from New Hampshire to LA, Australia, and Bangkok amongst other places in Thailand. Although I could tell she was a little nervous about the trip, she was full of life and adventure. She didn't let 72 stop her from doing anything... and told me story after story that made me hope I would be like her when I was her age.

She said her husband George, who passed away 3 years ago, would've thought she was crazy. She smiled with watered eyes, I'm guessing a little bit from nervousness, thinking she herself was a little crazy. I reassured her that her trip was going to be so incredible!

Within the first hour of talking to Helen, I knew she was supposed to be the new owner of my courage Giving Key. A list of concerns bounced around in my head... maybe she wouldn't like it, maybe she didn't wear necklaces, maybe this, maybe that. For some reason I didn't have my necklace on, and instead it was tucked away in my carry on (which added to the voices in my head telling me I could always find someone else to give it to). BUT nonetheless, I knew I couldn't let her walk away without giving her my key. 

It's funny how you just know when you are supposed to give your necklace to someone. I told her she was courageous, and that I had something special to give her. I told her all about The Giving Keys and what she was supposed to do with her necklace. 

As soon as we got off the plane, I dug around in my bag and pulled out my necklace. I showed her the detailed word COURAGE on the key, she couldn't believe it. I can still hear her sweet voice saying, "Oh my goodness!" As soon as my boyfriend took a quick picture of us, she said I'm going to wear it. I smiled thinking what I would've missed out on, if I decided not to give it to her.

I love imagining her traveling the world with her courage engraved Giving Key.



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