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Pay It Forward Stories

A collection of your stories from around the world that give hope, provide strength, and inspire others to pay it forward everyday.

Unlocking New Opportunities

On my birthday last May, I was given my first "The Giving Keys" necklace from a young woman who is like a second daughter to me. My parents grew up with her grandparents and I grew up with her parents. I coached her in high school and she became one of my daughter's best friends. I was so moved by this wonderful gift as she told me all that she knew about your incredible company. Jordan lost her mother, Kae, to breast cancer in 2009 and she is an only child. Our connection with her is just like family and...

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From Defeated To Strong

My mom bought me "believe" when my parents separated last year (the same week my fiance ended our relationship). I told her my faith in love was shot and she told me not to give up hope, when she bought me the necklace. I wore it daily and it did lift my spirits to consistently remind myself that this isn't the end-all-be-all for love in my life. After a year and a half, when I was feeling much stronger, I met a young woman who sat next to me at a bar in Manhattan looking totally defeated. She has been...

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Something To Remember You

When I traveled on a Vision Trip to Kenya a few weeks ago, I took my 2015 IF:Gathering Giving Key with me, knowing that it was time to let it go, and what better place than Africa to pay it forward?In the Lunga Lunga slum in Nairobi, our team visited Wells of Joy Ministries to lend support to an amazing group of Kenyans who are rescuing children everyday from a life of extreme poverty, hunger, trafficking, and drugs through God's work at Brilliant Sharpening Community School. Currently, 400 children are being served six full days a week in a small...

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Opportunity To Bless

I gave my Hope necklace away today! It was a struggle because it was a wedding gift from my wonderful friends and I wore it almost everyday! But I felt like God told me to give it away today.  I randomly talked to a girl at a coffee shop with sweet tattoos. Her name was Reanin. She told me she just moved here from Brooklyn and was really struggling.  I shared the gospel with her and asked for God to bless her with hope and peace. I said I struggle with anxiety and depression and hope in Jesus is all I...

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One Foot In Front Of The Other

My original word wasn't remain with a semi-colon as the i. My original key read "brave". Brave because the Lord was asking my husband and I to move our family of 6 across the Atlantic to serve at an orphanage in South Africa. Brave because I'm just not. Brave because I needed the Lord to make it so. I had my key for a long time and for the long journey and I had many discussions about it with my friends and family. One friend struggled with this word. She said she could never be brave. As I hugged her...

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