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Pay It Forward Stories

A collection of your stories from around the world that give hope, provide strength, and inspire others to pay it forward everyday.

A Reminder of Faith

Faith. This is my second key and I gave it to a friend who is a reminder not only to me in trying times but to our entire community to have faith daily. By every life she greets or touches, she is a person that is of Faith. She is an angel that God gave us in our community that radiates Faith and the power of the Lord.There has never been a time that I have not been blessed by her word. I know she will pay this forward to someone who's heart and soul needs a little reminder that...

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Hope for Change

HOPE. Four letters with so much meaning. I received this key from my best friend Korey this past Christmas because I suppose she could see that I was losing it, hope I mean. Both of our mothers passed away earlier this year and there is something about a girl losing her mom, no matter how old, that sends you reeling. Additionally, the politics of the past year has prolonged the grieving process for me to the point where I am finding it difficult to imagine a world where women will be treated with respect. Where my fourteen-year-old daughter will feel unafraid...

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Leap of Faith

In the early months of 2016 my relationship ended, and I began talking to a friend of mine whom I'd known since I was 14, although we had never met. I am from Sydney, Australia, and he is from Manchester, England.It was in the middle of August 2016 that we finally met in person, and we realised that there was more to us than just a friendship. It was rapidly growing into a long distance love that neither of us was prepared for. In September I flew back home, and prepared for the three and a half month wait for him to come...

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Grateful for Life

I received the word Grateful because I am grateful for my life. Literally. I needed blood in order to save my life, and blood donors gave me the greatest gift they could give me..the gift of life. I will be forever Grateful. -Judy

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Finding Strength in Hope

My niece is 17 years old and was diagnosed with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome about 5 years ago. It took a long time to find a diagnosis for her. She was in and out of the emergency room and hospital for months before we got a diagnosis. We live in Arkansas and found a GI doctor in Philadelphia that would treat her. For three years we made the trip to Philadelphia in January. Betsy would be so sick and would lose so much weight that she would have to have a feeding tube. This last year has been a better year...

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