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Pay It Forward Stories

A collection of your stories from around the world that give hope, provide strength, and inspire others to pay it forward everyday.

Worthy Of Good Things Happening

I got for myself a COURAGE key nearly 2 years ago when my beloved dog of almost 11 years old started getting sick. He was my everything, my best friend, my savior, my baby. He left me in March 2015. Wearing the key gave me a courage to face life without my baby dog but also to do many other things. It gave me a courage to figure out what I want in life, who I am. To talk about my feelings, to stop running away from something good happening to me. To open up to men years after my...

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Inspiration And Support

I received my key of dream as I was on a professional journey. I was inspired to dream the changes needed and make them happen.  Fast forward 6 months... my friend's son Nicholas, a 9 year old, is determined to beat brain cancer. He is pushing through each day the challenges he is presented with. Nicholas "dreams " of going to school, walking by himself, eating and playing with his friends to name just a few. I have given him my "dream" key to give inspiration and support for his journey. -Sherry

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To Be Strong For Them

I have a friend, who is now my friend but was a bully to me in high school. I am thankful she reached out to make amends because she is such a beautiful soul and I'm lucky to know her now. I faced a lot of trying times in the last couple of years, including stage III cancer, having a potential adoption fall apart, miscarriage, and trying to help a family member who had leukemia as well. My friend, Karen, sent me the Fearless key necklace. I just read her note and looked at it for days before I decided...

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You Are The Backbone

To my dearest friend,  I am giving you this strength key because you are one of the strongest women I know, but sometimes you need a reminder of how strong you really are. You have been through some tough times recently, yet you have managed to come out stronger than ever.   S - You lost a loyal four legged friend, yet had the courage to open your heart to a new puppyT - You stand by your husband, sharing your support, courage and resilience with himR - You are a patient and nurturing mother, showing your children unconditional loveE -...

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Walking By Faith

My son Jon has fallen in love with a beautiful girl named Hayley this year - and our entire family has fallen in love with her as well! Her birthday is this Friday, October 21, so I got the Faith key for her. She is a living, breathing example of walking by faith, not by sight. Her love for God and her people is what we love so much about her! My prayer is that year 26 for her will be the best one yet, that her life will continue to shine and increase in every way possible. 2 Corinthians...

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