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Pay It Forward Stories

A collection of your stories from around the world that give hope, provide strength, and inspire others to pay it forward everyday.

Opportunity To Bless

I gave my Hope necklace away today! It was a struggle because it was a wedding gift from my wonderful friends and I wore it almost everyday! But I felt like God told me to give it away today.  I randomly talked to a girl at a coffee shop with sweet tattoos. Her name was Reanin. She told me she just moved here from Brooklyn and was really struggling.  I shared the gospel with her and asked for God to bless her with hope and peace. I said I struggle with anxiety and depression and hope in Jesus is all I...

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One Foot In Front Of The Other

My original word wasn't remain with a semi-colon as the i. My original key read "brave". Brave because the Lord was asking my husband and I to move our family of 6 across the Atlantic to serve at an orphanage in South Africa. Brave because I'm just not. Brave because I needed the Lord to make it so. I had my key for a long time and for the long journey and I had many discussions about it with my friends and family. One friend struggled with this word. She said she could never be brave. As I hugged her...

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Keep The Faith

I bought this key as a gift a young lady who I believe makes this world a better place. She is moving away from home to start her first year of college. Grace was the first word that came to mind when I thought of her. When you look at this young lady and her high school accomplishments alone, you know that Grace is with her. The world we live in today is hard, especially for high school kids and young adults. It is hard to navigate and even harder to make the right decisions. By the Grace of God...

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True Love

My story takes place six months ago when I met the love of my life, Michael. One of our first conversations began around my LOVE Giving Key necklace, that I wore almost every single day. When we began dating and I would go out with my friends for a girls night, Michael would pretend to lock up my heart with the 'key to my heart' necklace that I wore. Because ultimately my heart always belonged to him and he obtained the key. You would never know by looking or talking to him, but Michael lived, fought and battled with Cystic...

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If You Believe

I received a Giving Key necklace with the word "believe" on it for my graduation from a friend of mine. It's pretty cool because, at the time, I needed to believe, believe in myself and the direction I was going. About a week later I met a homeless man on the beach after I had watched the sun come up. We talked, mainly about him and his story. He told me he was religious and it's all he had to hold onto because his girlfriend was doing time for heroin possession and he had nowhere to stay, he didn't have...

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