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Pay It Forward Stories

A collection of your stories from around the world that give hope, provide strength, and inspire others to pay it forward everyday.

In The Presence Of Fear

It was spring in TN and I had just graduated from University. I pulled away from my college town with 4 years of life in the backseat and made the long journey back to Seattle. I reconnected with an old friend on the way. She handed me an envelope that said,“because post grad life can be scary”. Inside was a key with the word “fearless”. I hung it from my car mirror and watched it sway with each passing turn. I kept a steady grip on it through the next three years. It hung from my neck as I stepped on the...

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Stay Strong On The Inside

Last year I was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkins Lymphoma. I was given this key with Courage written on it by an old friend. I have kept it and looked at it regularly. I have now beaten my cancer and am getting back to life, however a new friend of mine is struggling with her own battle of stage 4 breast cancer. This is her second fight and although she is very strong on the outside, I can tell it is getting more and more difficult to stay strong on the inside. So I am going to give the courage...

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The Power Of One Word

The late Ruth Hoyt was an RN at Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, whom I worked with for many years. Known for her quick wit and wisdom, she believed in the power of words and always chose them carefully before speaking. She was an avid journaler, knowing that words could process emotions that could not always be fully realized through simple conversations. At 57, Ruth was diagnosed with an aggressive form of uterine cancer. Her writing stopped suddenly. Confronted with the overwhelming emotions of death and dying, the once cathartic expression of journaling froze within her as she could...

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With Admiration

I recently gifted a Giving Key to my very best friend, Shannon, which has the word "Courage". There were so many words that would've made sense for her but I chose this one because courage is something she has more of than anyone I know. Especially to speak her mind. Recently, she asked me if I was embarrassed of her because she so freely spoke what was on her mind, in public, in front of about 50 business people because she has some concerns. I watched her with admiration, not embarrassment. Only thing I wish I could've changed is that I...

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No Excuses To Not To Keep Going

I have gifted a Giving Key to my beautiful friend, David, which says the word "Inspire". He inspires me everyday to push harder. I know him as an amazing triathlete, father and friend. He trains incredibly hard everyday at the health club we both belong to. We have been swimming together for about 4 months now, but only recently have I made it a point to make sure I swim in the lane right next to him because his energy just makes me do that much better. I have also been running with him and although he THINKS I am a...

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