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Pay It Forward Stories

A collection of your stories from around the world that give hope, provide strength, and inspire others to pay it forward everyday.

Strength, Love and Courage

I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer on November 4, 2015. As I was recovering from a mastectomy, going through chemotherapy and radiation, my partner and our kettlebells workout group gave me a key with the word "strong." I have treasured this act of kindness and support throughout the year. It has truly helped me on this journey as I have found that I'm stronger than I ever thought I could be, and I know that I can face cancer with strength, love, and courage. -Lynn

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Good Is Coming Your Way

I paid two keys forward in the same day. One being Let Go and the other being Inspire. I used the word Let Go to get rid of the negative things in my life that brought me down and to start building up the things that are important in life. I gave this key to an old friend named Hannah. I went to elementary school with her and one day messaged her over social media to ask her how she was doing. What she told me broke my heart and later impacted me enough to give her Let Go. She is...

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To Inspire

I haven't been able to share my giving keys story on here until now, but since I have a little but if free time I thought I'd share it. About a year ago I received a key that said the word "Inspire" on it from a good friend named Britt. I used that word to help rebuild my life and to start inspiring people on my own until a couple weeks ago when I felt so moved that there was someone else in my life that needed it more than me. That person was my aunt. Her husband was diagnosed with...

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Beautifully Courageous

Tonight I had the honor of gifting a key to my friend Casey. October 1 will be the year anniversary of her 3 year old daughter's cancer diagnosis. Casey has been so beautifully courageous throughout this fight against pediatric cancer. She has raised enough money to bring music therapy back to the children's hospital and redo the treatment rooms. Most importantly she has made me feel like I could slay the biggest dragon on my worst day. I am so proud to know a courageous warrior like Casey... a fighter... a champion... someone who gives back...who has never questioned "why...

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You Are My Person

My best friend of over 11 years has been dealt a hand that most would use as an excuse to curl up in bed and stay there. She grew up poor and neglected as 1 of 5 children. One of her brothers was diagnosed and taken by cancer when she was young. She started supporting herself at 15 and has done so since. She married young and has since had 4 pregnancies producing 3 beautiful babies that amaze me every day. She has had health issues herself since she was young. After her 4th pregnancy she had a hysterectomy, her...

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