The Embodiment of BELIEVE

I bought a “believe” key for a precious friend of mine, Colette, for her birthday. I could have bought her “create” because she is an amazing hairstylist and gourmet chef. I could have bought her “love” because she loves unconditionally. I could have bought her “peace” because she always looks for the sweetest way out of a challenging situation. But I bought her “believe” because she embodies this word.
No matter what she has gone through in her life, she never stops believing that her life is amazing! She never stops believing that she is on her path! And she never stops believing in God! Her belief, in herself, in her friends, in her surroundings, is the thing that makes her so special to all of us who happen into her shadow. I give this key to her, and I know she will find another person, in the perfect time and place, to pass it on to. BELIEVE!