Cousins in Courage

I received my giving key from a cousin who gave me the key at my dad's funeral. The key had the word "courage" on it. I am a person who loves random acts of kindness and making a difference in the lives of others. Five months prior to me getting this key from Nick (a very special young man), we talked about The Giving Keys and our own ideas and values. I told him then that I thought the key was such an awesome idea, as I also support social issues and want to support those in need. 

The day of my dad's funeral almost 8 months ago. Nick waited for me to come in to the funeral home. He was the first person that I saw and he said, "I have something to give you," and he put the giving key around my neck. I truly almost dropped to my knees. I broke down and wept, and hugged him with every ounce of strength I had.

The loss of my dad was very unexpected. He died of a heart attack in his bathroom. He was very healthy at the age of 70 and was the best daddy a girl could have. He was and still is my ROCK! Every day is a struggle and every day I am reminded that the only thing that stays the same is that everything changes.

Moving forward to today, I have another cousin who is dealing with a rare cancer. Her strength and inspiring words are amazing. She has such a positive attitude and gives others hope through her wisdom and the stories of her journey. I felt led to give her the "courage" key. Even though I still hurting and need the courage, God continued to tell me to get her that key. I don't see Ronda much, so I mailed her the giving key. She should get it today. I hope the key brings as much courage to her as it did me, and I pray for her complete healing. As my dad's last words ring in my ear: "love you more." I sent this key to Ronda in memory of my dad, in prayers of her complete healing, and to let her know that her courage and inspiration are making a difference!



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