Hope Between Friends

My friend Stefanie took a cruise this year, and had a stop-over in New Orleans. This is where she bought the "Hope" key, in a little classic New Orleans shop. She wasn't sure who she would give it to, or when. Then the night before she was to see me - to go to a show - she had the "hit" that it should go to me, as I was struggling tremendously with "landing and clearing" from a very difficult, long stretch of crisis, major disappointments, and so on, not the least of which was a struggling marriage.

She gave me the "Hope" key and it really struck a chord, and meant a lot to me. I kept it on my alter (around my Buddha statue's neck!). I too wasn't sure who to give it to, or when, but I recently had a friend of mine from California staying with my husband and I (who are doing very well!) for a week. She was out east doing a workshop, and decided to extend her trip in order to take some space for herself, as she has been struggling in and in deep conflict within herself, over her marriage. It struck me a few days into her stay that the key needed to go to her. I gifted it to her last night, explained how it came to me, gave it with a blessing "for all Joy," and she received it with sincere gratitude. 

This [key] thing is a very cool thing ;)