Strength For More Than One Angel

The key I gave away was engraved "strength."

On the weekend of November 8th, two angels were sent away to watch over their families in heaven. My friend Brittany's little sister Nicole, and Nicole's boyfriend Robert, were involved in a car accident. Robert died trying to save Nicole's life. Nicole was put in the hospital for just over a day on life support but sadly died over the weekend. Robert was 25 and Nicole was 19. They worked together at In-N-Out and from what I have read and heard, they were truly in love.

I never got the chance to meet either but I went over to Nicole's house to drop off flowers for my friend Brittany and her mom. I decided to give the Giving Key to her mom, Stephanie. This was my first time meeting her and I couldn't imagine what she was going through. I felt that she needed something to remind her to always stay strong through the hard times. I gave her the key in hope that she will be able to stay strong for her other amazing kids and for herself to keep going, and than pass it on later in life when she feels that someone else she comes across needs to be reminded of how strong they are.

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