Faith For My Sister

First, I want to say thank you. I support the efforts of The Giving Keys. I came to learn of The Giving Keys from my friend, Nick Onken who is a photographer. This had to be almost a year and a half ago. I immediately purchased a few keys the next day after learning about you. I was very excited.

I purchased 3 keys: "Faith," "Courage," and "Patience." 3 elements that are essential to me living my life in the manner that I see fit.

Since receiving my keys some time ago, I chose to wear the "faith" key and have worn it everyday until recently when I finally chose to part with it.

One of my sisters was blindsided with some very unfortunate news about her relationship. She called me up to talk about it. It's so hard to watch your loved ones experience pain. I could do nothing much but be present and listen to her. We talked for a good while. 

After the cafe we were sitting at closed, we took a little walk, and then parted ways. As I got a couple blocks away, it hit me. I had something that she could use. FAITH. Faith that she will be okay. Faith that things get better. Faith that understanding and clarity will find her as time passes and things take shape.

I called her and ran back to her. I explained to her about the key which sat around my neck, that everyone that I come in contact with asks me about. It's a great conversation starter. I do wear it proudly, but that's not why I wear it. I took my key off and gave it to her. I told her it's hers now and maybe at some point, she may be able to part with it but right now she needs it.

Thank you giving keys. You guys rock!





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