Digging for Strength

I bought the "Strength" necklace several months ago while at a low point in my dealing with my mother's passing from breast cancer (she died last December after a 6 year battle). I didn't necessarily buy it to give myself strength, but to save it for that moment when someone else going through a similar situation needed it. It's been the battle of a year coping with the loss of my mom, but through channeling her strength, I am beginning to see the light at the end. 

A few days ago, one of my closest friends lost his mother to cancer. I had a strong feeling to go visit him and his family in the hospital, and within 15 minutes of me arriving, she passed away. I truly think it was an act of God that I happened to be there at that moment, for various reasons. This month marks a year since my mother passed and although being around this situation has triggered some painful feelings, it's also helping me re-address some of the things I'm still struggling with by being there for my friend and helping him as he copes with it. This is also where the "Strength" necklace comes in. By giving it to my friend, it was my way of letting him know that he is strong and he will get through this. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, or next month... but eventually. The important thing to remember as he goes through a roller coaster of emotions is to stay strong and not let it overtake him. 

Life is crazy, and sometimes cannot be explained. But I truly believe there's a reason for everything - even if we don't understand it. You really don't know how strong you are, until strong is the only option you have, but there is a strength in all of us. We just have to dig deep and channel it, however we can, through whoever we can. 



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