Courage to Persevere

I bought myself a Giving Key that said Courage because I was going through a particularly difficult time. I knew that every time I looked at that key it would give me the courage to persevere and keep going.

Last September, just after my birthday, my sister and my niece came down to visit. My niece is having problems with depression including thoughts of suicide. I told her about my issues with depression and how, many years ago I had thought about suicide but didn't because of my children.

My niece is 19 and struggling with issues regarding a family member. I have a habit of holding my key and rubbing it. Suddenly I realized that my sweet niece needed that key more than I did.

She needed a reminder to be strong, that she can be strong and will get through this time. So I took the key off and gave it to her. I told her how it helped me during difficult times and how it would help her too. She's still struggling, but she now has a reminder that she has courage and will get through the tough times just like I did

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