On Every Side

I received my Hope Giving Key in my Cause Box from Sevenly. One of the reasons I continue to get a Cause Box is because I love to give the items away, primarily to my 17 year old niece who lives several states away.

Bailey, my niece, graduates from high school in June. She has spent most of her school years (starting in kindergarten) being bullied. She is a beautiful young woman with an amazing future ahead of her. and I know she has struggled to find her place in this world.

I sent her the Hope necklace with a note reminding her that some times life hits us on every side and some times it seems like everything we face is uphill, but to never lose hope. I promised her it will always get better.

And I truly believe that whatever we are faced with in life, it will get better. We have a future. We have a God who loves us unconditionally. We are complete in our relationship with Christ. We are perfect in God's eyes. And no matter what God promises to meet all of our needs and to make all things work for the good of those who love him.

I hope and pray that Bailey's life will exceed her dreams.

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