The War Called Life

I purchased the dainty STRENGTH bracelet for a variety of personal reasons about a month ago. It said so much about what I had been through the past few months that I had no intent of giving it away. When it arrived, I immediately loved it and knew I'd be keeping it.

Working in the field of Geriatric medicine I'm accustomed to seeing patients lose the war called life. However, the past 2 weeks I've had two individuals demonstrate significant grace and even selflessness in their encounters with end-of-life events.

In the first case, I shared a new diagnosis of cancer with a dear man and informed him he had only months to live. We cried together, he thanked me, hugged me, and then he prayed for ME to have the strength to make it through the rest of my day. He was the epitome of STRENGTH, acting with unbelievable grace even after I had just changed his life completely and forever.

A few days later, just this past weekend, I was informed that a colleague of mine who had married the love of her life in late 2015 lost him suddenly and unexpectedly. I was heartbroken for her. Immediately, I knew that she would need to continue to display the strength for which I have come to know her for. In this moment I knew without a doubt who would possess this bracelet next and just had the opportunity to give it to her during her husband's viewing.

Thank you for such a unique opportunity to support and love on those around us. Wishing you all much STRENGTH- wherever it comes from.

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