Start Living

Back when my wife, Deanna, was diagnosed with cancer, her friend and now mine, sent us a little something in the mail.
Little did I know that day when I first held the Giving Key and chain in my palm, its meaning would resonate so strongly.

My friend knew long before I did that the inscription was the perfect one.

Deanna was the epiphany of Strength. Those who knew her can attest to this. Everything she did, she did with force, passion and strength. Quitting was just not in her vocabulary.

During the rapid decline after her diagnosis, Deanna remained the strong one. If anyone says I was strong during that time, I would say I was just mirroring what was in front of me. Taking inspiration from my beautiful wife.

When the days were dark after I lost Deanna, and there were many, I placed the key in my hand. Rubbing the word, I would think of her. Thinking what she would say to me if she could. “Get up you lazy arse” “Stop feeling sorry for me, you are alive Alex, start living”.
The key gave me what was needed every day.

No-one but my friend and her family who sent the key, knew about it. It had been in my possession since June last year until last Monday, when it found a new owner.

I have a friend who is currently courageously fighting lung cancer.

I knew in my heart it was time to pass the key to someone who needs it.
I gave the key to my friend. I told her a little about it and what it brought to me the past 8 months.
I am happy to report my friend is doing great and fighting the fight, things are looking good.

It is my hope she reads this, looks at the key and in some way gives her the strength that it gave me to keep fighting, to keep carrying on and not quit. You got this girl!

To my friend who gave me the key, I cannot begin to express my gratitude enough. I hope that you smile and know that you gave the right gift at the right time.
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