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Three Necklaces and a Tattoo

On Monday, I was running errands and when I finished, my heart was telling me to go to Whole Foods. To be honest, I really didn't anything from there, but I decided I needed to get cleaning supplies anyways.

When I was in line, there was this lady behind me and I told her I really liked her tattoo. She told me her husband made it for her and it was finished. I told her her husband is a great artist. She had told me that her husband had died in Iraq and she said she had gotten it for him because it meant a lot for her.

I was called to the register so I left and told her he's in a better place. As I was walking out to my car, holding my Giving Key around my neck, I had a gut feeling that I needed to give her this key. I turned around and she was right behind me.

I stopped her and I gave her the key. I told her the story behind The Giving Keys. It was funny for her too because she already had a three key necklaces around her neck and a key tattoo as well.

She had told me that it represents her husband "forever having the key to [her] heart" and that 3 months after her husband passed away, she was diagnosed with cancer and that she was having surgery the upcoming week. We stood there crying and I prayed for her and then we parted ways.

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