Keep Going

Sometimes we meet people and we know they’re meant to cross our path. We don’t know how long they will walk with us or how long they will stand by our side, maybe just a short time period or much more longer, maybe our whole life. Sometimes we can’t explain why they cross our path in that special moment when we need it. We just realize they belong in our life and there’s a reason why God gave us these certain people. These people are the amazing and rare people who remind us why it’s all worth it and they make our smile a little brighter and our laugh a little louder. They know exactly what we feel or what we think and they give us a feeling for how beautiful life can be.

I started my studies this year in October and I had a feeling that I would need a reminder to keep going no matter what happens. For this reason, I bought my giving key with the words‚ "keep going" on it. Just a reminder to myself that I would made it through the rough and hard times during my studies and a reminder that I don’t have to compete with anyone else. I am good the way I am and I have to focus on myself instead of being in competition with others.

The first day at university, I met a girl and she was exactly the kind of amazing person I described: a best friend, a soulmate. She makes university a place I really enjoy going to and she makes my life better just by being in it.

Last week she was the one who needed a reminder to "keep going." That was the moment I gave my key to her. I had my last key for two years and this key just two months.

But I know that the key is doing well around her neck and she’s wearing it everyday since the day I passed it on to her. When I see her smile, I know that I did the right thing. I have the words in my heart. She has them on a necklace.

I don’t know in which situation YOU are at the moment but maybe you have to remind yourself that there are always people who will cross your path for a reason. You just have to KEEP GOING and something wonderful is about to happen. 

-Mel from Germany 

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