Strength for a Marriage

Strength. This is the word that was on my key.

Finding out my husband of 11 years had been having an affair shattered my world. We were the couple everyone was envious of... Always in love and not afraid to show it. Together we raised our five children from our previous marriages and were blessed with two beautiful children of our own. To find out the person I loved deeply and unconditionally had betrayed me brought me to my knees. I was able to gather strength I didn't know I had. And I know this came from a lot of prayers, both my own and many being said for us. My husband and I, along with our two younger children had a previously planned a vacation to visit my brother and his family. Our two children and I went alone.

While there, my beautiful sister in law had recently received a "strength" key, which she excitedly passed on to me saying, ''I am giving this to you!!!'' I wore that key everyday!!!!

About a month after our trip, my husband moved home, and we continue to work to restore our marriage.

Ironically, I passed the key on to a friend who is dealing with the same struggle in her life. I continue to pray for her to find strength to fight her battle. I am so thankful for my sister in law, who is truly my sister. She has given me strength in so many ways!! I was so blessed to receive a key.



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