Someone So Loved

In October 2014 I attended the Route 91 County Music Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. While there was a concert break I wondered around the booths and came upon the Giving Keys booth. I purchased a key with the word "Courage" on it.

The reason I chose this was because of my son, Tanner an Army Afghanistan veteran that was struggling with PTSD, however now he is a wildland firefighter, for my other son, Kody also a wildland fire fighter and for my husband a Los Angeles County Fire Captain. Obviously they all have exhibited great courage and I admire that.

Tragically, on February 12, 2016 my dearest friend lost her beloved husband of 30 years to suicide. He showed no signs of financial, marital or emotional issues, it was completely out of the blue. He was 55 years young, a loving father of four adult children, and very well loved Papa to three darling grandchildren.

The day we celebrated his life 1000 people showed up at the church when we only expected 400. He was such a caring, giving, loving mentor to so many young men and women and to anyone in need. His wife is devastated and as you can imagine in shock and disbelief. We ask ourselves everyday how could someone so loved suffer so silently and never share his deep pain with at least one of the 100 people?

One day recently as I got ready to go see his wife I put on my "Courage" key necklace. I paused and I thought, I need to give this to Veronica, his wife. It was time. She needs the Courage to go on and get though this process of profound loss. She cried when I gave it too and we embraced. Thank you for creating something so unique, yet so simple and meaningful.

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