My cousin, who's in his early twenties, is (as most of us can relate) a bit lost and unsure of the next chapter in his life. Stuck in a small/ depressed town, in a long term relationship unable to see the bright future right in front of him. I recently visited my hometown where he happens to live right next door and spent many nights listening to him try to unclutter his mind. He's battling with depression, insomnia and a whole lot of self induced stress.

On my way back to the West Coast, I stumbled upon a card with a very inspirational message that made me think of him. I purchased that card, wrote some of my own sentiments and went to send it to him, then remembered my Giving Key (Courage.) I sent both to him and received a very heartfelt thank you.

I'm hopeful that I will be able to add to my story in the near future. Hopefully things will clear up for him and he'll realize the amazing person he is, and that this is his Journey and no one else's. I'm confident he'll make the right decision , whatever that means to him. And maybe even one day pass along his key to someone that reminds him of place he once visited but found his way onward through courage and self respect.